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Popular glass baby food storage containers

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Popular glass baby food storage containers.Offer eglass food storage containers,glass food storage containers set, borosilicate glass storage containers,kitchen storage containers,glass baking dish,glass food storage plate,glass salad bowl ect in wholesale price. MOQ1000 pcs

Popular glass baby food storage containers

1 Popular baby food storage containers size 

* Rectangle shape

DRP-001  Size:125*82*49mm  Volume:180ml

DRP-002  Size:152*112*56mm Volume:370ml

*Square shape

DSP-001 Size:100*100*51mm Volume:140ml

DSP-002 Size:119*119*58mm Volume:310ml

*Round shape 

DYP-001 Size:φ116*55mm  Volume:200ml

DYP-002 Size:φ137*63mm  Volume:390ml

2 Why choose our baby food storage containers 

* High borosilicate glass material. Not have metallic elements.More health for baby 

* Less likely to stain or carry odors.

* Heat-pesistent. Not have risk in crack.More safe

* BPA free  PP lids