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Best microwave, freezer safe food container

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Shandong Ousent are manufactures for different glass products used in kitchen since 2006. Our main products are glass food storage containers,glass food storage containers set, borosilicate glass storage containers,kitchen storage containers,glass baking dish,glass food storage plate,glass salad bowl ect.

Best microwave, freezer safe food container 

Food storage containers, these practical items are known to prevent food wastage. But how to find a suitable one? Following are some tips from Shandong Ousent.

1 Why use  food storage containers?

Answer: Freezer or food storage containers can store perishable food and it also keeps food fresh for a while. They can be used for packing lunch or snacks to school, work or picnics. They can be used to store grains and they are quite handy when preparing for emergencies.

2. What are the different types of food storage containers?

Plastic food containers are the most commonly used storage containers because they are the most affordable. It comes in a good selection of sizes and shapes, plus they are easy to clean as well.
Glass containers meanwhile are a bit pricier compared to the plastic ones but they are more ideal for cold storage. They are more airtight as well and present a longer period of freshness for the food.
While not as popular these days as plastic and glass ones, metal containers were often used for storing dry foods like grains, cereals, biscuits and cookies. It can hold food better and keep them fresh longer.

3 How to select freezer containers/food storage containers?

Answer: You need to consider what foods you are going to store in the containers, the material of the container, range of sizes, check for BPA-free properties, microwave-safe/leakproof/stainproof properties, air-tight quality, the lid fit, check if the item is easy to open or close. If you need put the food storage containers into microwave, dishwasher,oven. Refer high boroslicate one

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