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Those food fresh containers could not use in oven, microwave ect

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Differentfoodfreshcontainerindifferentmaterialcouldbeusedindifferent kitchenappliance.

1 Plastic material

Cheap and light. If the heat resistance more than 100 degree,  it could be used for low temperature heating.When select plastic fresh container, choose those not have plasticizer , BPA(bisphenol A).Also need pay attention to the use range and heat resistance.The best material is 5# polypropylene.

2 Glass material

More heavier.Easy clean and no food smell and color stain.

Glass fresh container have 2 different types, heat persistence glass and toughened glass.

Toughened glass is not easy to crack. The max temperature it bear could reach 120 degree. If heat too long, it may crack.

For heat persistence glass, suitable temperature is -20 degree to 400 degree.It could be used in oven, microwave, freezer. Could keep food fresh and could used for cooking.


3 Stainless steel material

Study and durable. .Not easy to stain and absorb aftertaste. Suitable for salted food. Can not use in microwave and oven.

Our company, Shandong Ousent, is mainly specialized in glass food container. The main material of our contaienr is high borosilicate which could be used in oven, microwave ect. Any interests, pls contact whats app:+0086 15695421391