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Borosilicate glass features and the use of it

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Currently, borosilicate glass is mainly used in microwave ovens, solar tubes, chemical reactors ect. Widely use in worldwide.And our company,Shandong Ousent comapny offer customized service for borosilicate glassware. Different ones could be offered. The borosilicate glass is the one of safer glass in the world.
Borosilicate glass has advantage in high heat resistance.And  is particularly resistant to impact and high temperature compared with ordinary glass.
Even if you heat the borosilicate glass and  then place it in cold water, the borosilicate glass will not burst. Many people tested about it.No problem for heating directly for 20 minutes.
Currently, borosilicate glass is mainly used in microwave ovens, solar tubes, chemical reactors ect. Widely use in worldwide.And our company,Shandong Ousent comapny offer customized service for borosilicate glassware. Different ones could be offered. The borosilicate glass is the one of safer glass in the world.
The borosilicate glass is highly transparent and smooth. Easy to clean, other dirt is not easy to stick. Has outstanding oil resistance.The performance of acid and alkali resistance is very large in the industry, and it is also widely used in life.,such as a baby's bottle.
Compared with borosilicate glass, usual glass is easily broken, the glass has impurities, and the transparency is not good. But borosilicate glass not have this kind problem.So it is a lot of advantages of glass.