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How to use glass food storage containers scientifically?

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Food wrap film is harmful to human health. Because the harmful substances have carcinogenic effect for human body. Therefore many people use food storage containers instead.

The wrong use of containers may affect our health. So here we share some suggestions:
1 Different foods have different storage time. Therefore not reliable to much on storage containers and eat the foods asap.
2 Do not open the containers once you take them out from freezer. Put the foods at room tempurature for 1-2 minutes then open. This is good for food.
3 Toughened glass container may crack if it is too cold or warm. Therefore the tempurature should not be too low in freezer,
3 Plastic containers can’t use in oven or microwave.This material is easy to produce harmful substances.Which is not safe.
4Can't put liquids that are prone to bubbles, or foods will expand after heating. And that will affect the containers, so that microbes can get in.
5 Different place suitable for different shape containers. FOr saving room,we can choose round shape for place we often use. In canbinet, we can choose square one and make room full.  

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